Mary Hayden Smith

This is it. The day, the season, the time you've been preparing for, hoping for, squealing over for months.  

& i’m like 99% sure i’m just as excited as you are.


I'm Mary Hayden


Hi there! My name is Mary Hayden (but seriously most people call me MH) and I am a wedding/elopement photographer located in the southern corner of the country, South Carolina. It’s always real hot here with two seconds of winter and then 100% humidity. But I love it here so much— something about how everything is fried & nobody thinks twice about my accent.

When dreaming and planning out this business so many years ago, I always knew I wanted 3 foundations to build it off of. This business was dreamed up in my old apartment years ago and I wrote these 3 things on Posted Notes so that I never forgot them as I stepped into this world of photography. I wanted you to hear my heart before anything else.


My 3 Foundations

1. Intentionality: I want to be intentional about getting to know my couples. your wedding day is a beautiful, special and sacred day. I want to know what matters to you, what you're excited about and to truly capture who you are as a couple. So you will get a questionnaire that helps me to learn more about you & you both as a couple. I know it may seem excessive but you deserve somebody who cares about you beyond just shooting a wedding day (that’s truth regardless of who you book!)

2. Honesty: I want to be very honest with you about the whole process of working with me simply because you deserve that and I would expect the same from you. As a photographer, I want you to trust me to be able to capture your day to the best of my ability and I feel that trust is established through being honest with you right from the first initial contact message. I’m going to be honest if I feel like a timeline needs to be switched around or if we are shooting in one spot and may need to may to a different one because of who the sun is hitting.

3. Trust: I kinda feel like this some cheesy hallmark card but seriously- trust matters on a wedding day. Let me just say that again for the people in the back— trust matters on a wedding day. Trust between you and your photographer is so important. This is your wedding day--your day! And your photographer should be someone you know is going to capture your day in all it's glory. Somebody who you don't have to worry about what they are doing or if they even know what they are doing. You have the 50 family members all trying to race up to you at different points to worry about. When it’s time for portraits, you should not have to think twice if the photographer got everything from the day.



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