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FRIEND! So excited you have decided to stop by. When creating this site, I pulled out a notebook and wrote down all the words I wanted my business to speak when people looked at it. Words of honesty, joy, intentionality; candid moments that can’t be posed or forced. When I wrote down my “Why?” for this business, I thought of the moments where the bride and sister pull each other close laughing because they have matching shoes for the wedding, a dad seeing his little girl all grown up in a wedding dress for the first time or the look of pure joy when you’re walking back up the aisle as husband/wife for the first time.

 Capturing those special, authentic, real moments that tell YOUR story — that will always be my "why". 

Editor: “You just need to pick your most favorite picture of yourself”  Me: “I’ve got it”

Editor: “You just need to pick your most favorite picture of yourself”

Me: “I’ve got it”


About Me

I didn’t always know I wanted to do photography- in fact, I was actually in nursing school when I really started to take pictures. I was stressed out, emailing my mom asking to drop out every week when somebody suggested I find an outlet to de-stress from school. I grabbed the Canon Rebel my parents bought me for high school graduation and would go for walks, taking pictures of anything that I saw. Finally one day I convinced  (and by convinced, I mean I begged them. Basically forced them into it.) my friends to let me take pictures of actual humans.  I had no clue what I was doing but just yelled some fun things for them to do and uploaded it to Facebook that night. I was so proud of these pictures and had only one person comment saying “These are so good!” but that was all I needed. 

Years later— not a nurse, but getting to do photography full time. The Lord has been so faithful through the seasons of building my business. Surrounding me with people who have encouraged me, who lovingly point out when I’m wrong and who remind me that none of this would be possible without the Lord’s hand through all of it.


Because let’s be honest, there is something wonderfully sacred about wedding days- the giddiness, the excitement, the butterflies in your stomach before you walk down the aisle, the moment when you see your partner’s face for the first time and it all hits you. The details of your day that you spent hours thinking about. Your loved one's reaction when they see you in your wedding dress for the first time. The last minute hugs with your bridesmaids before you head down the aisle. Those are the moments I want to capture. 
The real, authentic, honest moments of your day. 

You know what my favorite pictures are from? I had just graduated high school and my friend took my camera and documented our group being total dweebs on the beach. So many peace signs were up in the air, i looked like a straight up LOBSTER but I love those pictures so much. I can hear my best friend laughing in them as she tried to jump on my back and I screamed because the sunburn hurt so bad. I love those images so much because they make me remember the fun that was my post graduation trip. They not only remind me but they definitely put me in my feels. I want you to look back through your wedding photos and definitely get all up in your feels!! I want you to remember when your dad did a 45 minute toast and brought up every embarrassing story of you. Or when the bridesmaids all cheered as you put your dress on before you walked down the aisle. Fun sweet memories that capture who YOU are and what the day was.


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