“I promise we are like really awkward in front of the camera. We are not super good at taking pictures”

SAME. There is always a panic that happens to me when a iPhone camera is brought out and suddenly I’m freaked out trying to remember how to smile and be normal person for a picture. Or NOT LOOK LIKE A LINEBACKER. Honestly I don’t know where it comes from but there’s plenty of pictures of me basically looking like a footballs time offensive line.

I get it.

But this isn’t going to be a awkward, stiff, posed afternoon where you walk away wondering if you got a good picture. I promise that! I want to have fun. I want YOU to have fun. And ultimately I want you to feel like yourselves.


Often times I’m sent Pinterest boards & pictures saying “This is what I’m going for” and while that can be SUPER helpful, there is a lot more that goes into those beautiful pictures than just what you think. Taking pictures is truthfully one of the least natural things for us to do sometimes (unless you do this full time model gig status) and so it can seem realllllly vulnerable and uncomfortable before you do it. One of the main reasons I always make sure that the next step after booking is that we become friends is because I want to start to earn your trust! I want you to know who is photographing you, who I am, why I do this and how the whole process works so you KNOW you’re in good hands when the panic starts to creep before the big day.

I took pictures one time and I look back over the gallery and absolutely hated them. My makeup looked great, I liked my outfit, but I just FELT so awkward the whole time. I was doing things I knew couldn’t possible look good and I just felt like I had no idea what I was doing. So naturally I hated the pictures. Whereas another time, I had same makeup, same outfit, did the photos again but was somebody made me feel special, beautiful, joyful and the pictures turned out completely different. I felt like I looked like myself and I remember the fun time I had with that photographer.

YOUR EXPERIENCE MATTERS. How you walk away from our shoots is going to determine a HUUUGEE part in how you feel about your pictures.